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At Busill Jones, we pride ourselves on respecting each other.  This basic principle to “Be Respectful” is taught in the many religions and is one of our school values.  We respect people’s right to worship freely and acknowledge diversity within each family’s beliefs within our school.


Parents are encouraged to join with us during our class assemblies and visits to our local church on special religious occasions.


We develop strong moral values within our children and teach them to be tolerant and loving towards each other.  We aim to equip our children with the skills and understanding to live in a diverse community, harmoniously, and with compassion for others.


As RE is not part of the national curriculum, it is the responsibility of the LA to ensure there is a Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) in place locally.  This is followed at Busill Jones. 


It is important for us to teach R.E. through cross-curricular themes therefore children also learn dances and songs as well as produce art-work linked to religious themes to make R.E. as engaging as possible.


In Early Years we take a practical approach to R.E., with children learning through play and the introduction to various religious festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

In Key Stage One children are introduced to Sikhism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity and start to explore big questions about faith and the impact it has on people’s lives.


As we move into Key Stage Two, our curriculum quickly builds into critical thinking with a focus on the importance of religion for those who follow those particular faiths and what values we can learn from religious stories and practices.


Each year group also produce a religious themed assembly to celebrate major festival throughout the year e.g Diwali, St. George’s day and Eid al Fitr.


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