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Remote Learning Information

In order to support your child with their learning during any period of unplanned school closure, teaching will be provided online in accordance with our Remote Learning Policy which you can access and read here.

Work will be uploaded to your child's class team and there will be an opportunity for your child to join lessons through TEAMS if they wish. 

To access the digital class - your child has been provided with a username and Password. This is unique and cannot be changed. 

If you need any support with accessing work or usernames not allowing access, please contact Mr Davidson via the school's postbox. 

You can request a paper copy of the work that is set, by emailing the school via the postbox. 

If you complete any work on paper, please return it to school at the end of the week. Your child's Teacher will mark it the following week. 

We still have a range of other online resources the school subscribes to for your child to access. They have been given their usernames and passwords. Please contact your child's class teacher if you need a reminder, click the icons to access our online learning resources.


Any digital work you complete, you can upload to the Schools

Whilst we actively encourage the use of online resources during this time, we aware that many websites and apps have the potential to provide an online risk to children. Though this is significantly low due to the nature of the websites, resources, activities or apps that the school suggests and provides links to, the school cannot be held responsible for any external links or ‘click bait’ that redirect a learner to an inappropriate site or page that compromise their online safety in whatever guise that may take. It is ultimately the responsibility of the parent/carer to oversee the sites accessed by the child whist completing any online work. Please see our draft Safeguarding Online Learning policy for more information and links for support.

Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Your Best
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