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Rewards and recognition

At Busill Jones Primary School, we love to celebrate our Busill Bees’ hard work and achievements throughout the school year. Below are just some of the ways in which we celebrate our children’s achievements:


Celebration Assembly   

Each week we celebrate children’s achievements within this special assembly. Class teachers select someone who has been their ‘Brilliant Busill Bee of the Week’ is by choosing someone who has demonstrated our school values (Be Positive, Be Respectful and Be Your Best) consistently throughout the week and shown great determination within lessons. Children are presented with a certificate and a pencil.  


We celebrate the achievement of classes by awarding classes with either our ‘Be Positive’, ‘Be Respectful’ or ‘Be Your Best’ trophy. The winning classes proudly display one of these trophies for the week within their classroom.   


During achievement assemblies, children can earn a book vending machine token. This can be achieved by either reading at least three times a week at home and having their diaries signed on Boom Reader or by earning a Privilege Card in class. If children do this, their names are entered into a raffle and the winner is drawn in our weekly achievement assemblies.  


Kindness Champions    

Every Friday, a Kindness Champion is nominated from each class. Children are chosen by their peers for demonstrating kindness in a variety of ways throughout the week. The winner of this wonderful award earns a very special afternoon tea with Mrs Bayliss.   


Thumbs Up   

Children will be rewarded a ‘Thumbs Up’ for positive behaviour, hard work, demonstrating our values and making progress. This is a points system used on our parent contact app, Marvellous Me.

Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Your Best
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