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Fostering a Love of Reading

Listening to a reader accessing phonics (decodable texts)

How to listen to a reader in KS2


Boom Reader Home Reading

ARE YOU SIGNED UP? We are now using the Boom Reader app to log all home reading at Busill Jones Primary school. It's really easy to sign up. You just need a school code and your child's code from your child’s class teacher. You'll never need a reading diary again. Go to

Pupils who read three times a week and log it on 'Boom Reader' will be entered into our weekly raffle for the reading vending machine for a free book.

At Busill Jones Primary School we endeavour to foster a love of reading with all of our children. We recognise that it is so important for children to grow up within an environment that promotes positivity toward reading. After all, reading is a huge aspect of our culture and a key life skill that we all need.


Reading enhances imagination, relieves stress, and provides us with entertainment and enjoyment. The trick is to encourage children to love reading! Simply put - we celebrate reading at every opportunity!


In class:


  • Every child is listened to read by an adult in school every week.

  • Each class has a class text that forms the foundation of their literacy lessons

  • Teachers read aloud to the children to model good intonation of the class book with deep questioning and exploration of the text.

  • Each class has a reading display centred on their class book which is interactive for the children to develop and engage with as they read the book – focusing on the key skills of vocabulary, inference, predict, explain, retrieval and summarise.

  • Every classroom also has its own reading area, with a selection of rich texts which children can access freely. 

  • Every school day is ended with a ‘Storytime’ slot in which the class teacher shares a reading for pleasure book with the class


During the year:


  • During the year we celebrate reading through reading events such as World Book Day.

  • Host parent workshops revolving around reading.

  • Each class has weekly access to the school library in which they are able to select a ‘reading for pleasure’ book to take home.






Reading Vending Machine:


At Busill Jones, we have a fantastic reading book vending machine! Throughout the year, children can gain tokens for the vending machine through reading regularly at home. With these tokens, they are able to select a book of their choice! All books within the vending machine have been carefully selected alongside the children using pupil voice.


Recommended Reads:

We believe that it is important to encourage everyone to develop a 'Life-long Love of Reading'.

Children will have opportunities throughout the week to 'read for pleasure', so they can bring in books from home or borrow them from the library. Here are a list of Recommended Reads for each year group. The books have been carefully selected to offer challenge, to experience other cultures and traditions and to provide deeper thinking to our children in terms of topical issues. Why not challenge your child to read them all over the year? They might even find their new favourite author or discover their all-time favourite book! 

Inspirational Author Visit from  ‘Jay Blades’ Spring 2024


Pupils in KS2 at Busill Jones Primary School recently had the privilege of hosting a special guest, Jay Blades, renowned host of ‘The Repair Shop’. Interviewed on stage by Mrs Honeyghan, Jay, an inspiring figure, shared his personal journey of overcoming dyslexia, emphasizing the importance of resilience and determination. The children were captivated as he recounted his experiences of meeting and working with King Charles, Dame Judy Dench, Leanne of Little Mix, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mary Berry and Sir David Jason (to name a few).


A highlight of the visit was Jay's discussion on his passion for writing books. He spoke eloquently about his literary journey, weaving tales of creativity and wisdom. The students were enthralled by his stories and left with a newfound appreciation for the written word.

Jay didn't just share his achievements; he also delivered uplifting messages aimed at inspiring the young minds. His encouraging words resonated with the students, fostering a sense of belief in their own abilities. The visit left an indelible mark on the school, reinforcing the idea that challenges can be overcome, and dreams can be realized through perseverance and a positive mindset.

The Busill Jones Primary School community is grateful for Jay Blades' visit, as it not only enriched the students' understanding of resilience but also ignited their imaginations and sparked a passion for creativity and wisdom.

Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Your Best
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