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Consulting with Pupils, Parents
& Carers


Teachers/SENCO and Support Staff will work with children and young people to identify the support needed to meet agreed outcomes.  The provision is planned, and interventions are allocated to individual needs. The children take an active role with setting their outcomes and discussing them with the class teacher/SENCO.  The children have regular meetings with staff to discuss their progress and support.

As with everything at Busill Jones, pupils have an opinion and voice that is listened to.  All of our staff support and work closely with children in their care to identify the support that they need to achieve their potential.  We know our children as individuals and understand what works well and what is less effective. This knowledge enables us to tailor the teaching provided to support each child's individual needs.

All of our EHCP and graduated response review meetings are child-centred. Before the meeting, the SENCo will meet with your child to gather their views and to help them to form their own report. This information will then form part of the review process. Your child is invited to the review meeting (or as a parent you can decide if this is appropriate). They are able to join in the discussion about how their learning is going and they are involved in reviewing their outcomes on the plan as it progresses.

Parents & Carers

All parents and carers are invited to attend Parents Evenings every term where they can discuss the progress their child has made and talk about the next steps in their learning journey.  We have an "Open Door" policy and we invite parents and carers to speak to us at any time. Staff are on the playground before and after school if you feel that a quick informal chat will help. If you would like to discuss a concern or issue, they will be able to make an appointment to speak to you formally. If your child's class teacher is unavailable, please make an appointment via the school office or email


If your child has a SEN Plan or a EHC Plan, formal meetings will be held at least once every term (a minimum of 3 times during each academic year). Meetings may take place more often if the outcomes have been achieved or if your child's needs have changed significantly since the previous meeting. All professionals who support your child will also be invited to attend these review meetings.

Be Positive, Be Respectful, Be Your Best
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