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Art, Design and Technology

Through teaching art and design we provide our pupils with the skills and knowledge to express their own ideas through creativity.

At Busill Jones Primary School, art and design is about enabling our pupils to produce creative work, become proficient in a range of skills and become immersed into the work of artists, craft makers and designers. Alongside specific art and design knowledge and vocabulary, pupils will develop their critical thinking and a deepening understanding of art and design, appropriate to their developmental stage.

To be artists we believe pupils should;

Have a passion for art and design to become engaged, inspired and challenged.

Explore and evaluate the work of artists from the past and practising artists, understanding the cultural and historical development of their style as starting point for their own artistic journey.

Build a creative diary documenting a yearly journey.

Have confidence and competence in experimenting with artistic techniques, becoming proficient in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.

Have confidence to create their own final piece, using previous and new skills, creating compositions that reflect a theme.

Be a critical artist, suggesting strengths and areas for development with their own final piece.

Be provided with opportunities to undertake visits to galleries, exploring a range of artistic styles.


Our art and design curriculum encourages pupils to be curious, ask questions and make their own interpretations of art.


Exploration is a vital part of pupil learning and we wholeheartedly embrace that ‘Every child is an artist’ (Pablo Picasso) here at Busill Jones.

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