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Y6 - Y7 Transition

We know that moving from Primary School to Secondary school can be daunting at the best of times, but in light of the current pandemic situation, it makes the idea of moving even more scary for our young children.

To help you and your child, we will be posting information from Secondary schools here, to keep you up to date with what to do and when to do it. 

Information from Walsall Council regarding Secondary school transfer

If your child is due to transfer to secondary school in September 2021, you must apply for a secondary school place for your child by 31 October 2020.

To do this, you must submit an on-line application through the Secondary Admissions web page of Walsall Council website:


Alternatively, from the front page of the Walsall Council website, follow: Education – School Admissions – Secondary Admissions (click on Secondary Admissions Chalk Board) You will also find, on this web page, an online booklet that provides more information about the school admissions process. We strongly recommend that you read this booklet before making your application. %20V4%20for%20web%20page.pdf?ver=2020-09-12-101748-737


Please note that the online application portal is open daily between 8am and 9.30pm each day up until the 31st October 2020.

You should only apply through the Walsall Council website if you are a Walsall resident. If you pay your council tax to a different Local Authority (LA), then you should apply through them.


Contact details for neighbouring LA’s are provided in the online information booklet.


You can list up to five schools on your application, in your order of preference. List all of the schools that you are interested in, including those that may be located in other local authority areas.


Some schools also require applicants to complete an additional Supplementary Information Form (SIF) in addition to naming the school on the online application form. Please refer to the online information booklet to see if you need to complete a Supplementary Information Form for any of your preferred schools.


The deadline for submission of applications is 31 October 2020.

There is ample time for you to consider which schools you intend to list and make your application, there is no priority given to applicants who make their application earlier than others,

Click here to download a PDF of the full letter from Walsall Council regarding Secondary transfer

Watch the short video provided by Walsall Coucil for support on completing this process, or click here to download the PDF 

Our Secondary schools and their information

To apply, parents/carers of prospective students are required to complete a Registration Form for their eligible child. This form must be returned directly to Walsall Academy before 29 September 2020 to ensure all testing is completed by the National Applications deadline of 31 October 2020 and so that the Academy can make parents aware of the results in accordance with the statutory School Admissions Code.

Please note: Parents/carers should complete the Walsall Academy Form and the Local Authority Preference

Click here to download the full document from Walsall Academy

Entry into Year 7 September 2021 and Reception 2021 Pupils will be admitted without reference to ability, aptitude, race or religion. Children in Year 6 in the primary phase will automatically transfer to Year 7 of the secondary phase without the need to apply for a place. Parents of children not attending Year 6 at the school will need to submit an application to their home local authority, the closing date for secondary applications is 31st October 2020. Additional places are available for new pupils. The Published Admission Number in 2021 will be 180 for the secondary site and the Published Admission Number for the primary site will be 60.

Click here to download the full document from Bloxwich Academy

Brownhills Ormiston Academy have updated their website to include a  a narrated PowerPoint which parents/students in year 6 might want to watch. The link below takes you to the schools general video, a video message from the principle, the narrated PowerPoint presentation from the principle and a rolling slide show.