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Returning to School 

We know that returning to school for parents and children can be an exciting but sometimes stressful time. Knowing what is expected will help to alleviate some of the anxiety. We have put together some information to help your child get ready for their next year in school.

School Dates summary

  • School starts back on Wednesday 2nd September 2020 for all children. It will be mandatory to send your child back to school.  We will start to measure attendance again and intervention will re-start including fixed penalty notices for non-attendance.

  • Monday 31st August is the Bank Holiday Monday and the school is shut.

  • Tuesday 1st September is an inset day and closed to children.

For a full list of School term dates, click here to view the PDF

Things you need to know for September 2020

Covid-19 has not gone away.  It will still be in the community in September and beyond, so we cannot let our guard down.  We will keep social distancing to 1 metre + or 2 metres wherever possible.


Social distancing between pupils will not always be possible in classes of up to 30.  Wherever we can, we will keep them as far away as possible but space is limited.

Teachers will teach with 2 metres distance when addressing the whole class, but when helping children with their work, they will need to be closer.

Year 1 to 6 will have front facing desks to avoid tables groups of children facing each other.


Existing measures such as hand washing, “catch it bin it kill it”, moving around school using external doors, good ventilation, minimising touch points and regular cleaning will remain. 

There will be no assemblies or mass gatherings including close lining up.


A “class” is now a “bubble” meaning that we will prevent mixing with other bubbles as far as possible.  That means staggering lunchtimes and playtimes.  We are however allowed to move staff between bubbles.  At lunchtime year groups will become a bubble with their own part of the playground - that is unavoidable because there is not enough playground space for every class to remain apart. 


There are set procedures with Public Health England if anyone tests positive for Coronavirus. It is possible that a year group or class will not be allowed to come to school, and self –isolate.

Please download the PDF letter from Mrs Field explaining all the information you need to know for the changes to school

for September 2020. 

New School start/finish times

  • Each year group will have new start times to allow for hand washing and to minimize contact with other year groups. 

  • Break times will also be staggered and will use allocated toilets for hand washing prior to and directly after play times. 

  • Lunch times will also be staggered. Children who usually have a school dinner will receive a cold lunch delivered to their classroom by an allocated lunch time supervisor. 

Please download the PDF's for each year group to read more information about your children's school day times. 

Entry to school from School September 2020

EYFS and KS1 entrance to school

Year 3/4 entrance to school

Year 5/6 entrance to school

New School Uniform

From September, all children will be expected to wear the new school uniform. Our children model how smart everyone will look.

The School are providing every child with a new Tie (elasticated fro KS1 and EYFS) and a PE Kit. 

Please click an image to visit our Uniform page to see the particulars

Preparing for the new year

Click on each Year group to download a help document of things you can do to support your child with preparing to move into their new year.

Meet the teacher

Click on the meet the teacher image to download a full resolution PDF to learn about your new teacher

Phase 5/6


Y6 - Mr Davidson


Y6 - Mrs Cook


Y5 - Mr Critchlow


Y5 - Miss Hadley

Phase 3/4


Y3/4 - Mr McGill


Y3/4 - Miss Harris


Y3/4 - Mr McKenna

Phase 1/2


Y2 - Miss Samra


Y2 - Miss Watkiss


Y1 - Mrs Baggott

Feeling Anxious, here are some things you can do...

If you are worried or anxious about anything for returning to school, or if you are a parent worried about returning your child/ren to school, We encourage you to click the worry box link. This will allow you to fill in a form to share your worry with a nominated member of staff. You can leave your name or fill it anonymously. Please remember that any information you leave cannot be responded to.