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Dear Parents/Carers,

From September, we will be introducing the new House System at Busill Jones Primary. Each child will be allocated a house at random from four choices. Within each class and year group, there will be an equal balance of children within each house. House captains will be allocated for each house using an application process and voting system in school.

To instil a sense of friendly competition, house points will be award to each child demonstrating a particular quality in line with the schools ethos:

Tolerance, Perseverance, Resilience, Studious, Respectful, Creative, Co-operative and Healthy

Each child can be awarded a House point for one of these areas by any member of staff who recognises that the child has demonstrated one of these qualities.

The new house point system will tie into our existing Good to be Green system for Behaviour management in class and around school. Every day that your child remains on green each day, they will gain 1 house point. If, during a lesson, they receive a privilege card for outstanding work or effort, they will instantly gain 5 bonus house points.

Points will also be awarded for attending sporting events, achieving school milestones such as moving up a reading standard, attendance or gaining a pen licence, attending an afterschool, or achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold Subject award.

The house system will culminate in the Sports Day, where children will compete in houses.

At the moment, the houses are only identified by colour: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow, however, we would like to give more identifiable names and we would like to invite our families to choose the names of the new houses.

The choices for house names are on the reverse of this letter, however, there is also an option to come up with names yourself, but there must be a valid identity to them and they should follow a theme.

To select the house names, please follow the link below, from Facebook or from the Website blog to complete the Form. Please complete the form and include the year group your child/children will be in in September 2020.


The new House names will be announced in September, when children across the school find out what house they will be allocated.

When house names are chosen, classes will complete a short project to investigate and research all about the name of their house – Who or what it was named after and what special achievement they have achieved.

Kind regards,

Mr. T Critchlow

E-Learning Coordinator and e-Safety Lead

Each house name has a different theme. Here are some examples.

Space Exploration

  1. Endeavour

  2. Discovery

  3. Challenger

  4. Atlantis

Literary greats

  1. Shakespeare

  2. Dickens

  3. Austin

  4. Rowling

British Historical Events

  1. Hastings

  2. Trafalgar

  3. Waterloo

  4. Roses

British Scientists

  1. Hawkings

  2. Franklin

  3. Newton

  4. Aderin

Female Scientists around the world

  1. Blackwell

  2. Goodall

  3. Jennings

  4. Wright

Your Choice

  1. ?

  2. ?

  3. ?

  4. ?

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