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Welcome to the Parent Portal. Here you will find all the information that you need to help you and your child their day to day school life. 


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Busill Jones Mobile Library
Shine a Light
Food Tasting
Catch 22 and Building blocks
Reading around a fire pit
Eco Week - Litter Picking
Learning to play musical instruments
Instruction Writing
Praise for the school...

The lessons are so well taught, explaining complicated concepts and engaging students. The communication between you and students is excellent, students always feel they can discuss any points after lesson too which demonstrates the true classroom experience you are giving them.
You monitor, chase up and work with parents to solve any problems.

In short I think you have created the virtually perfect online learning environment.

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic job I think you have all done creating a virtual classroom.

- Parent

“I’m often impressed by the restorative approach used by staff at 

Busill Jones. Adults can look past difficult behaviours to focus on what the child needs and children are helped to restore relationships if they have made a mistake. Because of this, I’ve seen children enjoy school more, grow in confidence and show increased engagement in class”.

- Educational Psychologist

Thank you our son is working so hard and so enthusiastic about doing his work everyday. He’s having so much help I can’t thank you and the school enough for what you are doing for him. He has come on so much in these past few months he’s been back at Busill Jones.

- Parent

I am very happy with the work and support we have had from the teachers.

- Parent

The staff which are involved in teaching year 5 are working so hard any questions we have are answered and help is always available.

- Parent

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