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Our House System

Zephaniah House shines by demonstrating the ability to overcome our personal or educational challenges, showing our perseverance and dedication as well as by reflecting on how we can improve our performance.

We are proud of all we achieve through our handwork.

We in Rowling House shine by inspiring other pupils by our own ambition and achievements in art, sport, music and learning, showing humility by not seeking praise for achievements, putting others first and by overcoming our challenges.

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Shakespeare House strives to help all pupils as part of a team. We shine by leading that group to achieve a goal or putting aside friendship or other preferences to be a key part of that team.

We are proud of what we can accomplish together.

Austin House shines by showing understanding of the viewpoint of other people, acting on this new understanding. We are strong communicators, working together to achieve beyond our expectations. 

We are proud of our achievements working alongside others. 

How will you extol the Seven Busill Jones Virtues?

I am Co-operative

I am Creative

I am Resilient

I am Healthy

I am Respectful

I am Tolerant

I am Studious

Every child at Busill Jones has the opportunity to achieve a house point by demonstrating one of our virtues. Each house point is recorded and added to the tally by all pupils in the house.

Each term, the house with the most house points will receive a treat, as well as the pupil who has the most individual house points. 

House points can be awarded by any member of staff to recognize the pupil for demonstrating a Busill Jones Virtue. This can be by not giving up even when the work seems too hard for them, by being committed to an after school club, or by supporting others in difficult moments.

How are our houses doing?

Our House points are further linked to the higher SHINE awards which all school in the trust are apart of. 

The Busill Jones Virtues are part of the wider metacognative behaviours that make up the SHINE values.

Look at the letters of SHINE to see how they fit. 







in Harmony




to Inspire



Problem Solving






to Excel




For each 10 house points the children achieve in each Virtue, they will gain 1 point towards the SHINE values. When they gain 5 points, they are bestowed the Letter of SHINE as a badge. when they achieve all 5 letters, they will rewarded with a commendation from our Trust CEO.

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