Fostering a Love For Reading

So how do we do this?


At Busill Jones Primary School we endeavour to foster a love of reading with all of our children. We realise that it is so important for children to grow up within an environment that promotes a positive rapport toward reading. After all, reading is a huge aspect of our culture and a key life skill that we all need.


Reading enhances imagination, relieves stress, and provides us with entertainment and enjoyment. The trick is to encourage children to love reading! Simply put - we celebrate reading at every opportunity!


In class:


  • Every child is listened to read by an adult in school every week.

  • Each class has a 'Class Book' that forms the foundation of their literacy lessons,


Teachers 'Read Aloud to the children to model good intonation of the class book with deep questioning and exploration of the text.


  • Each class has a 'Reading Display centred on the class book which is interactive for the children to develop and engage with as they read the book.

  • Every classroom also has its own 'Reading Corner or mini library for the children to access freely.

  • Each child has a reading diary which is shared between home and school to communicate their reading progress.


During the year:


  • During the year we celebrate reading through an event like World Book Day, where children get to come to school dressed as their favourite book character,

  • We also have the 'Travelling Book Fair where children can buy the latest books right here in school at a different point in the year.

  • Each month, we celebrate a different 'Author of The Month'.

  • We run a monthly 'Reading Challenge', where children can earn a bookmark and a place on our whole school display for completing the challenge. If children complete the reading challenge for the whole year they will also receive a prize at the end of the year.


Reading Challenge:

We set you a challenge. 10 challenges to be precise. Download the PDF and check off all the different types of books you have read (click the image to download a full resolution PDF). Return the completed sheet, filled in with the names of the texts you were reading and a photo, to the school to be in with a change of becoming the Busill Jones Reading champion or, if you are really lucky, the Busill Jones reader of the Year!

Click me to download a full resolution copy

This year, we will be reading:

We will read a chapter each week on Monday, then answer comprehension questions designed to develop our ability to locate and retrieve information, make comparisons across paragraphs and chapters, and infer the meanings of words, phrases and actions in the text.

If you want to support your child with their reading comprehension, download the example questions and read a chapter with them, asking them about the text as you progress. 

Y5/6 Au2
Topic - 
Alchemy Island
Y5/6 Sp2
Topic - 
Tomorrow's Worlds
Y5/6 Su2
Topic - Pharaohs
Y5/6 Su1
Topic - Stargazers
Y5/6 Sp1
Topic - Off with her head

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