Curriculum Subjects

The Cornerstones Curriculum 

We have now introduced the Cornerstones Curriculum. This is a creative approach to learning built on the criteria for an outstanding curriculum. It ensures that your children learn in the most creative way and are involved in what they are learning. Cornerstones is based on the Four Cornerstones of Learning: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. These Cornerstones provide a consistent philosophy for learning throughout school.

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Below are downloadable PDF's to give you an oversight of how each Cornerstone topic is covered and how each subject links in, with possible activities that we will be doing. We have included the entire years topics fro each Year group for you to look at. 

Year 3/4

Autumn 2


Spring 1

Road Trip USA

Summer 2


Year 5/6

Autumn 1


Summer 1


Summer 2