Through our English teaching, we try to create an interest and passion for reading and writing which will last for a lifetime. Children are grouped according to ability which enables staff to match the work to the needs of the children. Literacy is delivered through discrete writing, reading and grammar lessons which allow us to introduce children to a range of texts and genres, explore the features of effective writing and develop as confident readers. We teach daily Letters and Sounds sessions outside of the Literacy hour. Letters and Sounds is a systematic phonic programme from the National Strategy.

Our new 'Book Band' reading system enables children to move from Grey band through the coloured bands as they progress. This also allows teachers to assess children's independent reading skills more accurately.

At Busill Jones Primary we firmly believe that it is important for our children to become good speakers and listeners so that they are confident in expressing themselves to a variety of audiences and in a variety of contexts. This is developed throughout the school curriculum through paired talk, group work and whole class discussion.

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