Aims & Ethos

Mission Statement

Busill Jones Primary School exists as a place where children whatever their race, colour or creed can work in a secure environment. They will learn to respect each other, their families, friends, traditions and of course, themselves.


School Aims


We, at Busill Jones, are concerned with the whole education of the child. We hope, above all, that each child will develop fully to his or her potential by providing equality of opportunity throughout the curriculum.

Our aim is to provide skills and knowledge for the children to understand the world around us, and for use in adult life.

We aim to develop young people who have experienced some success in school and have positive attitudes about themselves, and children who are becoming socially aware and will become caring members of the society.

The school supports the Primary Curriculum Aims of Walsall Education Authority, promoting and fostering development of skills, interests and attitudes which are appropriate to the intellectual, physical, emotional and social stages of each child's development.


Ethos of the School


The School seeks to actively influence the personal development of all pupils and emphasis is placed on a strong moral code. In developing and following this code, the importance of the 'Hidden Curriculum' cannot be overstated.


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Busill Jones Primary School is a proud member of the SHINE Academy Trust