Learning to Read

So How Do We Do This?

At Busill Jones Primary School we endeavour to foster a love of reading with all of our children. We realise that it is so important for children to grow up within an environment that promotes a positive rapport toward reading. After all, reading is a huge aspect of our culture and a key life skill that we all need.

Reading enhances imagination, relieves stress, and provides us with entertainment and enjoyment. The trick is to encourage children to love reading!

Simply put – we celebrate reading at every opportunity!

In class:

  • Every child is listened to read by an adult in school every week.​

  • Each class has a ‘Class Book’ that forms the foundation of their literacy lessons.​

  • Teachers ‘Read Aloud’ to the children to model good intonation of the class book with deep questioning and exploration of the text.​

  • Each class has a ‘Reading Display’ centred on the class book which is interactive for the children to develop and engage with as they read the book.​

  • Every classroom also has its own ‘Reading Corner’ or mini library for the children to access freely.​

  • Each child has a reading diary which is shared between home and school to communicate their reading progress.

During the year:​

During the year we celebrate reading through events like ‘World Book Day’, where children get to come to school dressed as their favourite book character.​ We also have the ‘Travelling Book Fair’ where children can buy the latest books right here in school at different points in the year.​ Each month, in KS1 and KS2 we celebrate a different ‘Author of The Month’.​ We run a monthly ‘Reading Challenge’, where children can earn a book mark and a place on our whole school display for completing the challenge. If children complete the reading challenge for the whole year they will also receive a prize at the end of the year.​​​