Early Years: Reception

Welcome to Reception.  We have the great pleasure of continuing the wonderful learning that has been happening in our Nursery with Mrs Peake.


I’m Mrs Shelley the Reception Teacher and Early Years Leader.  I worked in a Reception class for several years before joining Busill Jones in March 2019.  Alongside me in class is Miss Rolston, who is a familiar face around school and with lots of experience of working in the Early Years.  In the afternoons we are joined by Mrs Hayes who has been with the school for over 40 years with an amazing talent for story telling!  Both ladies are dedicated members of staff who give their love and support to the children and help them reach their learning goal having lots of fun on the way.


It is my privilege to work in the Early Years and I love to see how the children learn and grow, with lots of fun and giggles on their journey towards year 1.  Children all learn at their own pace and as a team we work hard to ensure the children reach their own individual learning goal by providing exciting activities to inspire and engage them. 


We can’t wait to meet you!


Take a tour around our amazing Reception

Watch and listen to Mrs Haynes reading Julia Donaldson's The Snail and the Whale


Our topic this term is Mini Beasts and we had some little visitors arrive at Mrs Shelley's house. It was some caterpillars from the Hungry Caterpillar.... They were tiny when they arrived and measured just under 1cm long...  

They have lots of food to eat inside their pot, enough to last them until they turn into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

We will show you pictures every day to see how they are growing and changing. Look carefully and see if you can spot anything different about them.


See if you can find as much information about them as possible. Your task is to draw the life cycle of the butterfly, what comes first? Where does the caterpillar come from? What is a chrysalis? and what is a cocoon? What is the difference?

You could even make a 'caterpillar fact book'.


Send me your pictures in of your work so I can see how well you are doing! Upload your drawings and in formation here.

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