About Us

Welcome to Busill Jones Primary School, where every day is a day to learn something new. 

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Mission Statement

Busill Jones Primary School exists as a place where children whatever their race, colour or creed can work in a secure environment. They will learn to respect each other, their families, friends, traditions and of course, themselves.


School Aims


We, at Busill Jones, are concerned with the whole education of the child. We hope, above all, that each child will develop fully to his or her potential by providing equality of opportunity throughout the curriculum.

Our aim is to provide skills and knowledge for the children to understand the world around us, and for use in adult life.

We aim to develop young people who have experienced some success in school and have positive attitudes about themselves, and children who are becoming socially aware and will become caring members of the society.

The school supports the Primary Curriculum Aims of Walsall Education Authority, promoting and fostering development of skills, interests and attitudes which are appropriate to the intellectual, physical, emotional and social stages of each child's development.


Ethos of the School


The School seeks to actively influence the personal development of all pupils and emphasis is placed on a strong moral code. In developing and following this code, the importance of the 'Hidden Curriculum' cannot be overstated


School Attendance

At Busill Jones Primary School, we take attendance very seriously. It is important to us because every child deserves an education. We are committed to providing the very best learning and this is achievable when every child is in school. 

We are striving to reach the national average for Attendance which is 96% and value parents/carers support in making this happen.


We take attendance really seriously but we need parents and carers to work with us in order for us to meet our target. We can do this!

Our School

National Average

Our School Target is 95.2%

lost learning.PNG

If your child cannot attend school for any reason, please contact the school office on 01922 710700 on the first day and any subsequent day that they cannot attend. 

If it is an illness, please provide any evidence of medical care such as a GP appointment card, prescription note or medical packaging. This will support with ensuring a valid reason of absence is recorded for the Local Authority.

Impact of lateness

Being 15 minutes late each day is the same as missing 2 weeks of school.

Lost minutes = Lost learning 


Our Goals

We believe that everybody at Busill Jones is part of our school community and through positive behaviour, children will have a greater chance to achieve their personal goals.

To help us to achieve this all of our school know our school goals...

Ready, Respectful and Safe


•We arrive at school on time, every day.

•We get to lessons on time.

•We wear our uniform with pride and have the right clothes for PE and playing outdoors.

•We make sure we have the right equipment for all lessons.

•We take part fully in lessons and show resilience.


·We always listen when an adult is talking.

·We are polite and show good manners to everyone.

·We respect difference and know we are all equal.

·We look after our equipment and share it.

·We look after our environment and never drop litter.

·We queue sensibly in the dining area and always tidy up.


•We follow instructions – first time, every time.

•We stand up to bullying of any kind.

•We walk sensibly around our school.

•We know who to go to for help and support.

•We stay safe online and outside school.




Our Governors - working with our school leaders to drive improvement


Busill Jones Primary School has a Local Governing Body  which is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for all children in the school.


The Local Governing Board meet every term and carry out the functions of the governing body and provide challenge to the school.


Amanda Picken is the Chair of Governors and is a regular visitor to the school.


If you would like to contact her about any issues regarding the Governance of the school, please do so via the school office or email postbox@busilljonesprimary.co.uk in the first instance.

If you wish to post a letter to our Chair regarding the Governance of the school, please post a sealed letter For the Attention of A Picken, Busill Jones Primary School. the letter will be passed on immediately and without question. 





Governor Name                         Governor Category

Amanda Picken                          Chair of Governors

John Lester                                Vice Chair of Governors

Steve Dixon                                Co-Opted Governor

Liz Todd                                     Co-Opted Governor

Michael Pulman                         Co-Opted Governor

Rebecca Hemming                    Parent Governor

Michelle Tolley                            Staff Governor

Calum McGill                              Staff Governor

Stephanie Field                          Head Teacher

Gemma Draycott                       Chief Executive Officer

Curriculum Committee

  • Amanda Picken

  • Stephanie Field

  • Rebecca Hemming

  • Steve Dixon

  • Michael Pulman


For more information about Busill Jones Governors - Busill Jones Primary School - GOV.UK (get-information-schools.service.gov.uk)


For more information about SHINE Academies Trustees please follow the link- About Us | Shine (shineacademies.co.uk)


Any Governor correspondence should be addressed to:

Miss A Picken

C/o Busill Jones Primary School

Ashley Road



West Midlands


Copies of the attendance of our previous Governors' meetings are available here for 2019/2020 , 2020/2021 and 2021/2022


Our Staff

Leadership Team 

Headteacher - Mrs S Field 

Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs M Baggott (SENCo) 

Assistant Head Teacher - Mrs R Cook 

Assistant Head Teacher – Mr R Davidson 

Senior Teacher - Mrs N Semple 


Middle Leadership Team 

Middle Leader – Mr T Critchlow 


Family Liaison 

M Tolley 

K Flanaghan 

School Office Staff 

L Wood (Office Manager) 

L Nash 


Site Staff 

N Britton (Site Manager) 

C Timmins 

Y King 

H Edwards 

K Hughes 

A Barratt 


Lunchtime Supervisors 

​ C Timmins 

G O Neil 

S Rowe 

K Salt 

R Lewis 

E Pitcher 

E Vaughn 

A Tolley 

T Reyner 

E Dukes 


IT Support 

R Robey 

J Tench 

D Webb

Staffing Teams 


Early Years Team 

D Peake 

M Harris 

C Terry 

J Herbert 


KS1 Team 

N Semple – Phase Leader EYFS and KS1 

G Hill 

Z Cooper 

L Danks 



Lower KS2 Team- Year 3-4 

M Baggott- Phase leader (Y3-4) 

C McGill 

S Samra 

N Rushton 

S Jenkins 

E Dyson 


Upper KS2 Team- Year 5-6 

​R Cook – Phase leader (Y5-6) 

T Critchlow 

R Davidson 

J Orme 

J Croft 

J Davies 


PPA Cover  

Mrs T Bowdler 

Miss D Rolston 

Mrs A Knight ​ 


Swimming Instructor 

R Davidson 

M Harris  

Breakfast Club 

L Danks 

E Dyson